How to use this help document

This help document is a compilation of videos that take you through all the elements of this system. Click on the links below and videos will open showing you how to use that part of the system. Once the video is open, you can open the video in YouTube as well. It's that simple!

Introduction to the MySQL GUI tools

This is an introduction to our MySQL GUI tool suite: Enhanced mySQL Portal. I discuss how using our system, you can easily enforce data validation, custom sorting, filtering, queries, form creation, and overall database management. You don't need to be a MySQL guru to act like one anymore!

MySQL GUI Tool Suite Navigation

Learn basic system navigation in our MySQL GUI tools. I show you how to open specific tools, how to view organization trees, and data, and I also show you how to view large amounts of data and relationships.

Downloading and Installing our MySQL GUI Tools

How to download our MySQL database management tool, and how to install it on your server, your local machine, and on a hosted server.

Logging into our MySQL GUI Tool Suite

How to log in to your MySQL databases, find out the IP address for a database server if it is different from your webserver and how to use this information to log in successfully.

MySQL GUI Tools: Desktop and Tab View

Orient yourself on our desktop of our MySQL GUI Tools: Enhanced mySQL Portal (ESP). I show you how to open our different tools, how to change your password, lock your session, change the overall look of the system and other useful information.

MySQL GUI Table Manager Overview

The layout and general functionality of the Table Manager tool. You learn how to view all the tables in a database, how to view the data in a specific table, and how to view column properties in a table.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Organizing Tables

How to organize the tables in your database by creating custom names for viewing in the system and putting the tables in folders.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Creating Tables

How to create a table in the ESP system. I detail primary key creation as well as location and reference issues.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Modifying Tables

How to modify a Table's properties. I detail how to change which column is your primary key and other settings.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Copying Tables

How to copy a database table using the Table Manager. I show you how to copy a table's properties as well as its data.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Deleting Tables and Folders

How to delete tables from your database as well as organization folders for those tables.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Column Management

How to organize data in your database tables through reordering your columns, renaming your columns and saving custom views of the columns in your table.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Column Creation and Modification

How to create a column with basic properties, including naming, data types, formatting and validation.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Column Entry and Table Formatting

How to manage advanced column properties regarding entry of data for the column in forms as well as how the column shows in tables.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Linked Tables

How to link a columns values to another table. This is generally called a foreign key, but we have made some valuable enhancements to this, allowing you to do things like: set select criteria for a drop down, set formatting for the column, and map the relationship between the value and its foreign key.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Column User Access

How to set whether you will view a column when doing entry in a form, modifying of a form, viewing a record, or viewing a table.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Linked Table Auto-Insert Upload Options

How to avoid the error when you are trying to upload data into a table and there is a foreign key on a record, and the value does not exist. Our MySQL GUI Table Manager lets you insert values from the uploaded information as well as static values into the parent table as you upload.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Copy and Delete Columns

How to copy a column's properties as well as how to delete a column from your database using the Table Manager.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Foreign Keys and Indexes

How to create foreign keys and indexes for your tables using the Table Manager.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Column Relationships

How the Table Manager maps column foreign keys and linked tables. Using this powerful tool, you can easily find every place in the database where a foreign key's value exists.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Inline editing

How our MySQL GUI Table Manager allows you to edit your data inline with advanced features like referential integrity through drop downs, and validation of data through our advanced column management.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Filtering, Sorting, and Batch Updating

How to sort data in your database table, put a variety of filters on your table, and be able to update many records in a row at the same time.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Exporting Data

How to export data from your database tables in both CSV and SQL scripting language using the Table Manager.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Uploading Data

Upload data in CSV format into your database using the Table Manager. You learn how to customize the ordering, set behavior restrictions for when there are key violations and duplicate records, as well as many other options.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Creating and Modifying Forms

Create custom forms for entering new records, modifying records and viewing records in your database. You will learn how to easily code a form in html using our robust validation, user privileges and other functions to ensure your data is properly entered.

MySQL GUI Table Manager: Exporting Tables to Other Databases

How you can export a table and its data to another database using the Table Manager: .

MySQL GUI Query Browser Overview

Use our MySQL GUI Query Browser to execute queries and scripts. You will also learn how to save and organize your queries for future reference as well as copy queries to be used and modified for other purposes