The best Online MySQL GUI Tool on the market. This Online MySQL GUI tool unleashes all of the power of MySQL intuitively and simply!

The MySQL data you need is there, but how do you access it? Customer information, sales history, marketing campaigns, product profitability, and every other piece of data that defines your business's past, present and future is stored in a table in a database somewhere; but how to access it? Eliacom has your answer. With Eliacom's MySQL GUI Tool, you'll be able to easily access, organize, and utilize your MySQL data.

"The most intuitive and powerful MySQL GUI tool I have ever used. phpMyAdmin ++"

- Senior MySQL Database Developer, DVI

   Eliacom's Suite of MySQL GUI Tools

Table Manager
Query Manager
Log Manager
Get your data!
This powerful MySQL GUI tool lets you create, read, update, delete, sort, and filter data with ease. Customize your database experience with our unique column formatting.
    Think it, Do it, Save it!
Our MySQL GUI query browser allows you complete access to your database through SQL statements, and lets you save and organize your queries for future reference in custom folders.
    What happened? We’ll show you!
This MySQL GUI tool lets you see everything (and we mean everything) that’s been done with your MySQL database. Take a look in our Log Manager, and we’ll have it all organized for you.